For The King (XBOX ONE)

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Лицензионный ключ от игры — For The King
Активация: Xbox One
Дата релиза: 10.05.19
Жанр: Экшн и приключения, Ролевые игры
Языки: Русский, Английский, Немецкий, Французский, Польский, Португальский и др.

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Об игре:
For The King is a strategic RPG that blends tabletop and roguelike elements in a challenging adventure that spans the realms. Set off on a single player experience or play cooperatively both online and locally. None before you have returned from their journey. Will you put an end to the Chaos?
For The King is a challenging blend of strategy, turn-based combat, and roguelike elements. Each playthrough is unique with procedural maps, quests, and events. Explore Fahrul in either single player, local, or online co-op.
Just remember adventurer, you do this not for riches or fame but for your village, for your realm, For The King!
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